-Greed and unchecked power care little and holds no moral compass.

They disregard religion, nation, race and gender.


What Is A Financial Terrorist?
One who is or has a

1. Fanatical Ideology: The intentional misreading of The Wealth of Nations by, Adam Smith.

2. Suicide Banker: Examples – Dick Fuld, Lehman Brothers and Chuck Prince, CitiGroup, CitiBank.

3. Doing Gods Work: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein proclaimed in an interview that he is just a mere banker “…doing God’s work.”  Further, many of these Financial Captains of Wall Street are simply padding their resumes or accessorizing their lifestyles with seats on boards of well known and established universities, arts and cultural organizations. They actually contribute little to the causes they chair or associate.

4. Extreme Leveraging: Using extreme leveraging is the taking of small amounts of money in order to make an excessive or dubious amounts in return. it is betting at high risk. In the case of suicide bankers the use of someone else’s money then betting against your clients, stockholders, tax payers, your mother. Those who sue this method of finance having no moral compass not unlike buying most politicians, and in turn unequivocally and indubitably their vote and influence; quid pro quo.

For a in-depth analysis and investigation: watch/listen Max Keiser and David Degraw I. II. III..


Citizen’s Arrest: These cards will come in hand should such an  occasion arise.

Ranking: A few questions regarding the ranking of these cronie-capitalists.  Like the stock market the value on deeds of evil-doing rises and falls over time. Currently, the focus is right here right now. If the cards were like the The Quibbler Newspaper in Harry Potter they would be changing daily, perhaps hourly, maybe even minute by minute, but these crooks are the most identifiable and prominent of scoundrels.

Captions: Because of the satirical nature of these cards they lend themselves to captions or subtitles. One contributor mentioned that Paulson looks like he’s saying, “Nothing up my sleeve. Prest-O! Change-O! Here’s $23 Trillion dollars!” Perhaps you have an idea you’d like to add – grab a cartoon bubble and let your imagination run wild. E-mail your caption and it will be added to the bubble page for all to enjoy.

Buying in Bulk: Ah, you’re thinking ahead already. Yes, these cards would make great stocking stuffers. They are the perfect vehicle to open up the topic everyone loves to talk about over the holidays, politics! I’m a big advocate for an educated public, most of all your relatives.

Looking for that quirky unique educational birthday gift for the politically adept in your life, look no further these cards are guaranteed to produce a wry smile that begs the question, “Where in the hell did you find these?”

So yes, buying in bulk is possible, especially for shipping discounts. Contact: financialterrorists@gmail(dot)com to make arrangements.

Updates: Keep watch here for information and updates.

The Book: Why yes, I’d love to. A book would be a great idea! A book on the FT would allow the expansion of all the delightful information on the jolly bankers page, more bobbles and demons, cheeky details, extend the stories, quotes, and connections. Perhaps the book could become your semi-official C-Span pictorial Congressional hearings on your night stand play book. If you have the publishing connections, I got the time. To contact: financialterrorists@gmail.com

The Heros Deck: It’s coming, eventually. The FT project has taken up a lot of time and energy, but the heros will not be forgotten.

Corporate Terrorists Deck: Also in the making… send me your favorite Corporate Terrorists suggestions today!

Extension Decks: This Collector’s Edition Includes; More Financial Terrorist and Nefarious Members of the MSM. In addition The Military Industrial Complex Deck.  All In development

How Did This Project Start? The sources of inspiration really began with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert – their no holds barred truth to power is what got this whole project rolling. The first few cards started as a lark and then began to take on a life of their own. The more people started to listen and learn the more the need arose to express and educate the public in a creative way.

Struggling with some of the characters in the mash up between DC and Wall Street a link with the cards in development was sent to Stacy and Max. Stacy mentioned the cards on the Max Keiser web site and readers started to offer their suggestions that ultimately create a full deck; and then some, but it was David Degraw who really sorted though many of the people in the final draft. His research is unprecedented, both his investigations politically and in the private sector. He’s been aware and watching long before most and connecting the dots that have helped make great sense out of this huge gigantic mess.

When you start to understand the connections and who these people are it’s all pretty much pitch forks and ropes time. Quite shocking that these crooks have gotten away with so much.

How long did it take to make the cards? Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours, plus gathering the information which has taken even more hours. It was really a concerted effort by many wonderful people dropping verified bits of information and contributing here and there.


When Will These Cards Be Available To The Public? The card are available now. However, the first lot is limited and printing has been based on demand.

Update: The original decks, save a few,  are gone. This has been a huge success and I hope fun and educational for all who have purchased one. With less than a a few  personal decks left I’ve decided to sell Series I only in bulk, simple because it would require special printing and the cost of shipping has increased substantially. I hope that over the summer I will have the time to update the deck, make a few graphic changes and work on the lay out of the book. I have to admit I’m amazed that even at this late date not one of these crooks have been brought up on charges and taken to court, but I believe that is starting to change. I’ll post further updates as the work continues. Until then, keep fighting the good fight!

What’s bad boys bad boys? This is a pictorial history of Warrants, Arrests and Rewards. Feel free to print and make copies to hand out or pin up in your local cafe. You never know where these bad boys will turn up; but it’s usually some place nice or trendy and sometimes even in the closet, check yours.

side note: A free FT deck to the person that collects Max’s reward.

Finally, I hope these cards start to open up a dialog about our economic lives and begins to make it easier for everyone to understand who the people in-charge are, what they have done to destroy the country’s financial and economic system and question the absence of the Rule of Law and our System of Justice.



  • Buddy Rojek  On November 17, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    Can you be sued for defamation, or are the facts correct to warrant a conviction?

    • financialterrorists  On November 18, 2011 at 1:12 am

      we the people can’t even get an investigation, however, if anyone of these guys decides to sue anyone the process of investigation would start immediately.

      As Max Keiser said – bring it on!


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