how to play the game



Here are  the rules to a few of the games.
Note: The games are a bit redundant, just like our current financial system, but not unlike our system you can’t lose if you buy into it and are holding all the card.

Remember, You Too Can Be A Financial Terrorist!

RULES! – FT is a game for 2 to 4 players and all ages.  However, like Wall Street we encourage you to play with others who are unfamiliar with the game; not unlike children, who have little in the way of life experience, this will increase your chances of winning big with few complaints. However, if you do end up playing with a complainer just blame them, tell them it’s their own fault they lost.

Rules Game 1
Deal the cards clockwise. Once all the cards are dealt everyone hands a card to the play on their right, except the dealer. Players do this until all their cards are gone. Once the cards are gone and the dealer has them all he jumps up and yells “Financial Terrorist!” winning the game.

Rules Game 2
Deal the cards clockwise. Once the cards are dealt everyone picks up their cards. The one who receives the card with their favorite  president yells, “Financial Terrorist!” first receives all the cards and wins the game.

Rules Game 3
The “Behind Closed Doors” way to play.
(coming soon) visit to find out how to play this secret version of the game.

Rules Game 4
The “Just For You” way to play. If you own the deck make the rules up as you go so that in the end you win.

Rules Game 5
The Goldman Sachs – The one who collects the most current or former Goldman Employees wins!

Other FT Games (developed and inspired by FT patrons)
Φ The FT Pyramid Game – whatever it takes to get to the top by letting others do the dirty work.

Φ The FT Ponzi Scheme – How to use “The Madoff.” FT has the exclusive rights to Bernie Madoff’s Own – Personal Proven Ponzi Scheme Techniques.  How can you be sure these will work for you? Trust Us.

Φ Slap The Cramer and Kudlow – Self-Explanatory.

Φ The Queen Of Diamonds – Angela Lansbury and Jimmy Dimon are guaranteed to invade your dreams, directed by David Lynch.

Φ 3 Card Monty – The FT Way – Keep your eye on the Queen of Spades; gun and militia sold separately.

Φ The FT Derivative – Learn to play this financial under-lying instrument.

Φ Cramenting – This game requires 3 to 4 players, untraceable cell phones, a case of e-coli ridden stakes, a sturdy pair of shorts and bozo the clown.

Φ Naked Short Selling – Just Like Strip Poker – The only time you lose is if you get caught. Chinese version coming soon. Currently banned in Germany.

Φ The FT Revolving Door – This game will teach you how to get into politics, become a Congressional Cronie, walk up the golden path to Wall Street and back again.

Φ Danie’s Gang of Five – To win you need, a guy from the FED, a banker, a guy from a ratings agency, a politician, a government regulator or a Goldman Sachs fall guy.

Φ The Broker – This game takes a weekend to play. It requires a deck of financial terrorist cards and several bottles of Johnny Walker Blue Label. For younger players cherry kool-aid.

Φ The JPM- shuffle shuffle shuffle take a cut.

Played all the FT Games?
Congratulation! you are now ready to own a big Wall Street Bank.
Wasn’t that easy?



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