3 March 2012
Down to the last few decks. I don’t plan on printing any more of Series I unless I have a large order or worthy publisher. I’ve sent a number of decks out to the #OWS folks to pass out as individual cards hoping to make people aware of the site, the issues and most of all the crooks. Feel free to join in and keep building the project.

25 Juanary 2012
Max Keiser mentions and tosses financial terrorists in this movie: Max Keiser’s Stand Up Rage at the King’s Head – London

19 November 2011
All Orders Received after October 14, 2011 have been shipped – if you do not receive them by November 29th please contact me. Thank You

19 November 2011
Greetings – In the past I’ve done my best to find ways to keep shipping rates low, if you’ve purchased more than one deck I’ve often absorbed some of the extra shipping cost, but due to the down turn in the economy I can no longer do this, especially for International shipping. I hope you understand. If you would like to be a distributer and buy in bulk to save on on shipping for your local countrymen, please contact me and we’ll figure something out, I will then redirect these folks to you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

18 November 2011
Please take note – if you are ordering a deck outside the US and Canada I do not have control over your local postal carrier and any shipment may take longer than expected.

12 November 2011
Expected shipping date for FT1.2 is the week of 11/7/11 Due to the increased in demand the new ship date in the US, CA, EU, & AU – will be – 11/18/11 –  My apologies for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail me at financialterrorists@gmail[dot]com

22 August 2010
First arrival reported – delivered in Pennsylvania – how fitting

17 August 2010

All The cards ordered as of 13 August 2010 have been shipped!

All around the world! From Down Under to the Tip Top of the world, from Sea to Shining Sea, to London, Paris, Athens and Istanbul seated on the Door Steps to the Ancient East.

They should start arriving today or by the end of the week. It’s all up to your local postal carrier now.

Drop me a line if you have any problems or let me know when you receive the deck. It will be nice to know how long the shipping process took.  financialterrorists@gmail(dot)com

I’ll continue to updates the jolly bankers & scoundrels; please add your feedback or any information you find or wish to add regarding these crooks.

Also, if you think  any of the cards can be improved upon let me know. I’ll update them with your suggestions for the next batch printed.

Again, please accept my deepest appreciation for your purchase and thank you again for your kind patience.

Spread Knowledge, Play the Games!

~best always


10 August 2010
Good News
The Cards Ship FRIDAY! (13 August  2010)


9 August 2010
Doing my best to get the FT deck to you ASAP.

Here’s the update: I want to reiterate that I have no control over the printing of the cards. Like you I am sitting on pins and needles here waiting for them to be shipped.

Making playing cards is a very different process than printing something at kinkos or off the computer, there are computer adjustments involved, setting up the plates and looking over each card to make sure it is printed corrected and centered. It’s really quite a process.

The good news in this economy the printer has plenty of businesses right now, the bad news I have to wait in line like everyone else.

I’ve asked the printer if it is possible to put a rush on the initial orders even at a cost to me. I’m am waiting for his answer and as soon as I receive this I will post it here.

Just as a reminder, when the cards were initially offered, over the 4 th of July weekend, it was stated that the process would take six weeks, this is week six, so my hope is they will be going out this week.

Let me just say I am making no money off these cards and in a number of cases paying for the extra cost of shipping out of pocket.

I’m doing my best to get these to you as fast as humanly possible and I ask for your patience.

All the money for any purchase is still in the account – I haven’t touched a penny.

However, if you have changed your mind for any reason just drop me a note (financialterrorists @ gmail (dot) com) and I will refund the full purchase immediately.

But, I hope you don’t do this because I believe this deck is a very important educational tool and I want as many people as possible to have one of these decks to share with their friends.

Again, thank you for your patience, and my deepest appreciation for your time.


3 August 2010
The presses are rolling, it’s just a matter of days now to cut, package, process and ship.

In the meantime I’m talking with the company about posters and mugs. I think a number of the cards would look great on t-shirts and totes as well. Do you have a favorite? Let me know.

As more and more power is being handed over to these guys and in some cases a hand shake even more so than a slap on the wrist for their crimes, education is the key.

We all know knowledge is power, help spread this information, help spread awareness of these scoundrel.

There’s a reason why these guys try to keep their faces out of the news; like dan the man, they don’t want to be recognized.

Who cared about Madoff until his pictured was splatter all over the front page; print and TV. Even Tony Hayward at BP who wanted to  keep his nice life, not have to ask for it back.

And it is a nice life they’ve created for themselves, isn’t it? With the money they’ve stolen from you, the air and water quality they pollute for profit, your job shipped overseas to take advantage of slave labor which all ended up lowering your standard of living, and most of all your child’s future they are are using like credit card at a casino the  intend  never to pay back. The arrogance is so thick, it’s like they are daring you to revolt.

They are stealing from you and your neighbors and they haven’t given it a second thought, in fact they blame you for being so stupid to let them get away with their shenanigans.

however, to get people to stand up and move they have to make a personal connection to the people who are taking the country to the cleaners. The face is what people gravitate towards first, it’s built into our DNA, this is how we have connected with each other since babyhood.

I read a good number of political blogs and every time Lloyd Blankfein is written about and his picture displayed someone always makes a comment how this man looks. He’s not an ugly man and is generally well groomed, but the pictures and camera tend to catch him with a strange and untrustworthy look. People often comment that there’s something brewing under this facade. That visual connection allows us to look closer.

ut imago est animi voltus sic indices oculi – As the face is the image of soul, so the eyes are its revealer – Cicero

These cards help people see the image of their souls and a gesture of their intent. the games help us to reenact what it is they do for a living.

27 July 2010
Initial delivery is just a few weeks away! Thank you all for being so patient.

Just a quick reminder that the delivery during the initial ordering was six weeks as stated on this site 2 July 2010. The cards should be shipping over the next two weeks. All new order should ship within three. The decks will be shipped according to the date ordered. Those who revived a refund, roughly two weeks ago because of the shipping service confusion will not lose their place in line.

I am pleased there has been a wonderful demand for the cards; orders have been brisk online and demand through the mail has been exciting; more than expected.

As I said yesterday I saw the sample deck and they are beautiful, worth the wait. A few tweaks were made last night and they are ready for their final printing. I’ve asked the printers if they could expedite the initial orders, it’s been a busy season for them and they will do their best.

Lastly, if you have a change of heart regarding your order or would like to add to your purchase, to lessen the shipping costs, I would greatly appreciate if you would drop me an e-mail. financialterrorists(@)gmail(dot)com.
I check mail daily and am very quick to attend to any request.

Thank you for your time and most of all your patience.

ps if you are having any trouble whatsoever contacting me through the g-mail address above feel free to leave a comment below and I will look into the matter immediately. All comments here are set to approval and I am notified by wordpress 24/7.

26 July 2010
Sample cards arrived.
They are simply beautiful!
A few minor tweaks on a couple (text) and off they go.


was given a marvelous suggestion for an ad

Thank you all again for your patience.

25 July 2010
Updated samples are on the way, very excited. First initial deliveries should, with any luck, go out this week. Still working on the filling the scoundrel’s information, feel free to join in and add what you know or find.

Added some new links to support, WFMD, a game or two and sample cards.

Again thank you for your support.

More news and pictures soon!

9 July 2010
Looks like the shipping problems are now resolved. A little shocked at the real costs for shipping to the EU/UK and AU. I hope to find someone on both continents who would be willing to distribute – the postal cost is less when shared in bulk. In the meantime these arrangements will have to make do.

For the folks across the pond and down under here’s an a great opportunity to meet with like minds at the local pub, have a grog and play a few games of Financial Terrorist. A grand way to get a conversation going with the locals.

I added another option, making a donation. When I stared this project I received a number of e-mails from people who wanted to support the idea by buying a deck, but they were feeling the pinch – $20 is $20 – So if someone wants to donate a deck and the recipient is willing to pick up the shipping I’ll do what I can to make that happen. Drop me an e-mail and let me know.

8 July 2010

NOTE: My appologies, but the foreign orders calculator for shipping is not working properly.
I’m sorry, but I can’t afford to pay for the shipping to foreign countries any longer.
If you can wait until this problem is resolved I would greatly appreciate your patience.

More on shipping and working my heart out here. Since the shipping service I tried didn’t work I’ve come up with a new plan. I will have four separate buttons: US, Canada, EU and Oz. If you live elsewhere e-mail me and I will set up a special button for your country or continent.

I’m sorry I have to approach the situation in this way, but there seems to be no easy way around the shipping problem; I don’t have the expertise to navigate shipping costs in advance for every location around the world. All I’ve got is this computer.

I had thought of overcharging a bit until shipping calculations came in when actually processing the orders and then issue a refund via paypal. I didn’t feel comfortable doing that and I just found out that paypal will begin charging people for refunds starting in August. FYI,

The irony… I asked Paypal why they were doing this and they said the bank raised their rates. I wonder who they bank with on Wall Street?

So here are the prices per country/continent for shipping and handling.
USA: $4.00
CA: $4.50
EU: $9.00 (ouch) Need a distributer in the EU. (working on that now)
AU: $9.00 ( ouch!)  Need an Aussie distributer. (any volunteers?)

I’m trying my best to keep the price down, but it’s tough…

On the bright side you can buy up to 8 decks  and the price of shipping doesn’t go up. So you get a nice little  discount on quantity.

If you really want a deck of these cards and can’t afford the full amount, please e-mail me and let me see what I can do. If the cards take off in a big way and I can make a little for all the time I put in I’ll do what I can to bring the price down or toss anything I can in the kitty. The more I sell, the more I can print, the cheaper they get.

Please Help Spread 🙂

If you would like to donate a deck to someone who is suffering in this economy let me know and we’ll all make new friends and perhaps even start organizing.

Thank you for your time and your kind attention.


7 July 2010
Business has never been my forte. Had a bit of trouble with shipping costs. The service I used to calculate the weight and price was confusing. It’s been adjusted. Some people got a really great deal. If I could afford to cover everyone’s shipping I would, but currently I’m not breaking even. The cost for printing is pretty significant and I have to purchase a minimal amount in advance. It’s borrowed money right now. Regardless, this information is important and I hope the people who were so kind to buy these cards will enjoy and share.

“If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way.” -Twain

4 July 2010
Sales are brisk, hard to keep up. To all the people around the world who have purchased a deck my great appreciation and thanks.

I’ve switched to a new service to manage the cost of shipping et al – I hope this is working correctly, especially for foreign orders.

I’m overwhelmed by the kind words people have sent and grateful for all of your suggestions. You guys really rock!

I hope you enjoy the deck and please stay tuned to this blog, I’ll be updating the scoundrel’s information page as time permits and come up with more educational fun games to play.

Knowledge is indeed power.

The Getting To Know Them section will be constantly updated. Please feel free to send any information you think should be added; still looking for (dan the man). There so much information scattered out there my hope is to gather as much of a foundation as possible and have it as reference in one convenient place.

If you hear of any more bad boys wanted by the authorities, let me know I’ll put together more wanted posters for you to down load and print.

That’s all for now. Happy Independence Day to all the citizens in the United States. (check out this light hearted 4th of July Celebration from the good folks at jibjab) and my best wishes to all those in the world who yearn to be free from the clutched of corrupt central banks.

30 June 2010
Zipping away and croping samples.

29 June 2010
Well on the way!

The cards are complete and soon off to the printers; before Friday I’m hoping.

Paypal is set up, though not as well as I’d liked. Since this is a wordpress.com site only a donation button is allowed; this is very limited in its function. I was given a few other great suggestion that I’m investigating.

Until the web site is up and running the cards are discretely listed towards the bottom on the front page side bar as  pre-order. Currently, the bulk order option will be through  e-mail: financialterrorists@gmail.com. To be safe I’m expecting them to take about six weeks from click to door.

I still have a few concerns about the costs; everything adds up mighty quick just to get them from here to there. The cost for printing, handling, shipping and a PayPal fee. I’ll be happy if I break even.

The hours I’ve put into this deck are incalculable. I regret that some of the original details and other things I wished to add won’t show up in the deck so I’ve had to scale back some; that’s the nature of a very small medium and the printing process that’s available. A book would allow more room for more bobble and all the details that were in the original creations. I’m hoping someone in the publishing business will seize the day on such an urgent topic and offer me the opportunity of crating a detailed and companion book.

I’v also started collecting ideas, photos and have a few sketches for the next deck, eco-terrorist. Meanwhile I’ll be gathering more information on the financial terrorists and updating the web-site booklet – “getting to know them – ahhh.”

There are a few days left, if you see any changes that need to be made let me know – if you want to see the complete deck drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you the link.

Happy 4th and thanks for reading!

BTW, take the new poll!

It’s fun!

27 June 2010
Count down to upload – they are done!

Except the cover and the jokers. Just a bit of shrinking there.

Now to pass the final test – I will be inviting people to scan them over, look for flaws, typos or spelling errors.

I hope to transfer them to the company Monday or Tuesday and with any luck have a sample by the weekend.

During that time I hope to make the order form ready for advanced sales and put together a video advertising the cards. Anyone wishing to promote these will receive all of my appreciation and anything else I can muster up.

25 June 2010
Wow, been a while since I updated.

In the stretch, just a few lower cards, jokers and the cover are left to reset. The deck will be completely complete by Sunday.

I’ll be taking the old and putting up the new samples over the next few days.

Working out the details with the card company for print and distribution, hoping to have that worked out by tomorrow.

Haven’t heard back from the t’, totes and mug guy. I’ll be working on that next week.

I will also be offering custom designs and new people – including heroes and eco-terrorists, which will be the next deck.

Ordering Launch Date for the deck is, 4 July 2010.
Fitting, yes?

At that time I hope you’ll help spread.
Keep your fingers crossed.
So far so good!
Thanks again for all of your support.

btw did you notice the new ace samples on the front?
what do you think?


14 June 2010
final face card sample – two different fonts – suggestions?

13 June 2010
Lower cards background, suits, numbers and bobbles are complete.
Text and photos are next. Played around with that part should go fast.

Face cards will be redone this week as well and the full printing process should begin by the first day of summer (fingers crossed).

I’m happy with the outcome so far, what do you think?

Here are a few examples:


the white edged area is the bleed, that will be cut off in the end. I wanted a white strip or gold border on the very edge, but was informed by the company that was a no go.

I’m hoping to have more information on the t’s, totes and mugs this week. Haven’t heard back from Mr. Gomez, so I’m assuming he’s pretty busy. I’d like to get those moving asap so if you have any suggestions on a company you use and are happy with what you’ve received please leave a comment or link. – thanks

12 June 2010
updated FAQ
tweaking the backgrounds on the final cards – with a bit of luck the go ahead for the printing process  should commence next week!

8 June 2010
lacking room for all my creative energy the book, posters, cups and t’s will be a bit more elaborate in design edging

7 June 2010
but will it fit?

this could be the final card, a few more tweaks and size approval and we’re off!

5 June 2010
spent several hours redoing the background – some new and interesting shapes appeared –

Still waiting to know if this is the proper size. Concerns that I will have to change the font as well or remove text information at the bottom – waiting for an answer….

4 June 2010
Very Frustrated! The cards in the template lose a lot of the detail. I have to redesign the whole background in order for them to fit properly. This is a lot of time lost and a lot of work to make sure they are as sharp as possible. I don’t know why there isn’t a custom size template in the year 2010 to accommodate these pieces and why that doesn’t seem to exist or is offered. Plus I’m tired and hungry and I still have this cold. I wouldn’t feel so bad about this if I could devote the whole of next week, or if there was a book deal on the horizon, a little more support wouldn’t hurt either, and I don’t mean that from those who are currently supporting this project, but just the industry. The pressure is on to get these done. This may be more trouble than it’s worth under the current situation. The option for t-shirts and mugs are far less daunting and the cards as they are would fit well at cafe press. Sure their is little money to be made, but perhaps enough could be gathered in order to support this project at a later date properly.

I thought this would be a good idea, I think the art is worthy, but at this date still no interest from a publisher is disappointing.

hoping this is the dark before the dawn.

31 May 2010
Redesigning and cleaning up some of the face cards, last minute details. Once this task is complete and the cards are placed into the template they will be ready for printing. Any type of promotion you can offer now… this is a good time to engage.

30 May 2010
Added the YouTube video of Betty White singing, Getting To Know You, by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Not only is Better White, er um… “hot” right now her exuberance in this video is quite kitchy for these fellows. Let’s really get to know them. More information added everyday.

29 May 2010
As hard as I tried I’ve been unable to gather all the information for the booklet I’d like to have before printing the cards. Much of this information is scattered, hard to find or just not available through regular channels, especially salaries, actual net worth and employment dates.

This is my proposal – I will list the information I have to date here on the blog (see sample) and update these cards as more information is found or made available. Once I am satisfied that I have exhausted every venue for accuracy and the information is worthy of printing I will develop the booklets so that you can print it off your computer, or upon request I will personally mail the booklet out to those who have purchased the first printing of the decks.

I’m sorry this part of the project did not go as well as I had hoped, but I didn’t want to send this important information out with terms like “Unknown” or “NA.”

I hope you understand and I thank you for your kind patience.

One final note; the information I do gather will also be placed here as time allows. If anyone is interested in helping with this part of the project, please drop me an e-mail at financialterrorists@gmail.com every little bit helps.

ps. some form of compensation will be given for your time, weather with a complementary collectors edition deck of the cards or the promotion of your site or cause.

best wishes

28 May 2010
bubbles are up! send yours.

I was asked why I didn’t design the cards in the traditional Anglo manner. Space and details were a great part of the reason, but after you shuffle the cards and deal them out in order to play any of the games you have to turn the cards right-side-up, and let’s face it, these guys need all the help they can get.

27 May 2010
sample cards are in and looking at them carefully.

more info gathered and collected on the scoundrel for the booklet, more work to do… if you want to help drop me an e-mail financialterrorists@gmail.com

did you say t-shirts, mugs, posters and totes?

to the person who offered to pay $1 billion for the cards in the poll, the deck is yours!
will that be gold or silver?



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